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FEBRUARY 15, 2016

On behalf of the work of the Albanian Human Rights Project, Tirana Mayor, Erion Veliaj, presented AHRP president Rose Dosti with a Key to the City of Tirana on February 15, 2016. Learn more,


Members of AHRP have presented at the following venues in recent years to raise attention and funds for the organization, to document these critical survivor testimonies and make them available for scholarly study. 


  • Abraham Lincoln Center, Tirana, Albania

  • AHRP at Spago Restaurant, Beverly Hills, CA

  • AHRP at Street, Hollywood, CA

  • American Embassy, Tirana, Albania

  • Donika Bardha-Sponsored Event, Detroit, Michigan

  • First Parish Unitarian Church, Hingham, MA

  • First Parish Unitarian Church, Norwell, MA

  • Fulbright Association, Washington, DC ; Los Angeles

  • Kiwanis Club, Los Angeles, CA

  • Los Angeles Times, Retired Journalists, Los Angeles

  • Rotary Club, Los Angeles, CA

  • Santa Monica Libraries, Santa Monica, CA

  • University of Texas at Austin, Department of Russian, Eursian and Eastern Europea Studies, Austin, Texas

  • University of Tirana Journalism Department, Tirana, Albania

  • Venice Middle School, Venice¸CA

  • Voice of America, Washington, DC

  • YMCA, Los Angeles. CA


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